About Me

In recent years I have been involved in the pigeon sport. Not only in the Netherlands but worldwide.
Wherever I went, in any country, I noticed that the pigeons are a part of everyone’s life and family and that there is a strong bond
exists between man and doves.
Because every pigeon and every bird has the right to be able to return to its own home or to be moved from plate to place.
transported, even with all the circumstances and difficulties that exist at the moment, we have decided to take up this challenge.
From April 1, 2022, www.OKKOPTS.com will start, to give lost and missing pigeons a chance. And from now on to come home and be able to
to recover.
We arrange the transport in the Netherlands and Belgium.
In addition to transport for found and lost pigeons, we also offer our transport service for pigeons before and after purchase at an auction.
And for pigeons that have to be brought to the next transport location for international transport.
We offer our efficient service for all your wishes as a pigeon fancier.